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Tickets to the Startup Program

The Startup League teamed up with TNW and is offering 5 young, fast-growing companies the opportunity to boost their business by giving them direct access to the Startup Program at TNW Conference in Amsterdam (May 24 & 25) 5 deserving startup will receive

Digital Transformation Challenge

The World’s #1 rubber company is looking to broaden and accelerate its digital transformation. We envision a world where, when it comes to tires and cars, everything is automated and taken care of, while keeping the consumer in the driver’s seat. We want to team up with startups to broaden our horizon and push the ambitions even further. We'd love for you to help us accelerate our digital transformation.

Vessel Connectivity Challenge

Damen looks to improve the efficiency and the JIT delivery of information in the construction of our vessels. Looking at our vessels, we strive to bring our customers the best experience combining functionality, reliability and comfort.

Connecting beer lovers of the world at home

HEINEKEN’s Innovators Brewhouse is looking for innovative ideas and solutions to bring its home draught system, The SUB, to the internet of things through a connectivity kit add-on. We are calling upon the best creatives and start-ups from the world to participate and put your brains to the test.

Lego Zero Waste Challenge

"How can LEGO inspire next generations by applying breakthrough waste reduction solution?" LEGO has a zero waste ambition. They are implementing policies incentivising the creation of a better future by leading-by-example and by educating kids to respect the environment. Now they’re on the hunt for the latest technology to support them with realization of their zero waste target and create awareness for waste reduction in its larger audience.

Barclays Zero Waste Office Challenge

"How can Barclays realise waste reduction targets in their global office locations?" Barclays is looking for solutions to reduce waste in its office locations around the world, mostly by focusing on raising awareness and accountability with all its employees about the waste impact and promoting the notion of “End Value” and lifetime costs of products including transparency of waste termination.

Danish Defence Waste Impact Challenge

"How can the Danish Defence lead the way in implementing best possible approaches to waste management?" The Danish Defence is looking for innovations that can support its process of becoming the leader of the way in which Denmark minimises waste impact by impacting the community around the Danish Defence.

Vivat Weather Damages Prevention Challenge

"How can Vivat help prevent weather related damages to their customers' homes and cars?" Vivat, as a leading insurance provider, is interested in getting in touch with the latest innovative solutions to protect its customers' belongings. The challenge scope focuses on cutting-edge technologies aiming at preventing the damages to homes and cars generated by rain, storms, and hail.

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