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The Omnichannel Experience Challenge

Like most consumer goods companies, Heineken has limited visibility and influence at the point of sale as it does not own retail stores. We would like to increase footfall into outlets that serve our brands and increase consumer preference for our brand at the point of sale. To that end, we seek to collaborate with tech startups on delivering our consumers an enhanced omnichannel experience.

Digital Transformation Challenge

The World’s #1 rubber company is looking to broaden and accelerate its digital transformation. We envision a world where, when it comes to tires and cars, everything is automated and taken care of, while keeping the consumer in the driver’s seat. We want to team up with startups to broaden our horizon and push the ambitions even further. We'd love for you to help us accelerate our digital transformation.

Vessel Connectivity Challenge

Damen looks to improve the efficiency and the JIT delivery of information in the construction of our vessels. Looking at our vessels, we strive to bring our customers the best experience combining functionality, reliability and comfort.