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The Verge

Astronomers discover largest group of ‘rogue planets’ yet


More than 70 rogue planets are wandering the universe, all alone

Astronomers uncover largest group of rogue planets yet


Scientists spot largest number ever of the universe's lonely planets


French wine and German robots: Why Chinese companies are investing big in Europe

TCT Magazine

Stratasys and Bone 3D partner to provide French hospital network with direct access to 3D printing

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The train that shrunk France... and Europe


Luos is building an API to help embedded engineers connect easily to any hardware component


How shipping ports are being reinvented for the green energy transition


Nedap set to showcase its ANPR Lumo for vehicle access control at IFSEC Connect 2021


How to support parents at your startup

Ars Technica

France bans air travel that could be done by train in under 2.5 hours

Fast Company

How this year’s Pritzker Prize winners could spark an architectural revolution

Ars Technica

Study examines molecular basis for why wine goes so well with fatty foods

Fast Company

Two French architects who ‘never demolish’ buildings just won the Pritzker Prize


Piano acquires analytics company AT Internet

New Scientist

Listen to the oldest known conch shell horn from 18,000 years ago

ONA Becomes First Vegan Restaurant in France To Earn a Michelin Star

CBC Tech and Science

Cheers! French wine, vines headed home after year in space | CBC News


Brain-controlled computers are a becoming reality, but major hurdles remain