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Wired UK

Inside the bluster and lies of Petro, Venezuela's cryptocurrency scam


Dear Crypto Investor, The Ideal Stablecoin Already Exists

The Economist

Think of China as a giant sub-prime lender in Latin America

The Verge , Mashable

The Caracas drone attack won’t be the last of its kind

Flying Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

Life in Venezuela, One Year After the Protests

Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

Macaws Are Taking Over Caracas

@brianeklein via Bloomberg Business

Venezuela Hyperinflation Index Reaches the One Million Mark

Stock markets Costs
Bloomberg Business

Bloomberg’s Week in Pictures

@TheStalwart via Bloomberg Business

In Caracas of All Places, a Construction Boom Suddenly Emerges

Stock markets City life Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

Venezuela Starts Releasing Political Prisoners, Including Some Lawmakers

Foreign affairs US elections
Bloomberg Business

Venezuela Grants Conditional Freedom to Ceballos, 38 Others

Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

There’s No Traffic or Road Rage and It’s Awful: Life in Caracas

@TheStalwart @Bitcoin via Bloomberg Business

Families in Caracas Are Mining for Crypto on Free Electricity

Bloomberg Business

Venezuela in Crosshairs of U.S. After Maduro Wins Shunned Election

Foreign affairs
Bloomberg Business

Venezuelan Soldiers Desert in Droves With Presidential Election Ahead

Foreign affairs Warfare
Bloomberg Business

A Venezuelan Candidate Soldiers On With Democracy Itself in Doubt

Foreign affairs US elections
Bloomberg Business

Chile's Solidarity Visa Leaves Venezuelans Confused and Worried

Bloomberg Business

The Bloody Grab for Gold in Venezuela’s Most Dangerous Town

Robotics Foreign affairs Warfare
Bloomberg Business

Venezuela’s Factories Grind to a Halt

Bloomberg Business

Bloomberg’s 100 Best Photos of 2017