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CBC Tech and Science

Mars rover's 1st test drive went so well that NASA took another | CBC News

GeekWire , The Verge

NASA names Perseverance rover landing site on Mars after Seattle sci-fi pioneer Octavia E. Butler

Forbes Tech

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Took A Test Drive On Mars. Here’s What It Saw.


NASA figures we’ve got about a billion years before the sun kills us all


NASA MRO spacecraft catches sight of sinuous dust devil snaking across Mars


Chevron to build California carbon capture plant with Microsoft, Schlumberger


See how NASA is going to bludgeon an asteroid

CBC Tech and Science

NASA's Perseverance rover to drill into Mars using part made on Vancouver Island | CBC News


NASA says we should search for aliens by looking for their pollution

The Verge

NASA’s latest Mars rover has the same processor as an iMac from 1998


See what NASA's Perseverance Mars rover sees in stunning, otherworldly 4K

BI Tech

Future Mars trips will require huge shifts in spacecraft propulsion, with NASA and startups working on a fix


NASA to begin high-voltage ground testing on all-electric X-57


NASA's Parker Solar Probe snaps a photo of Venus that surprises scientists


NASA backs concepts for deep-drilling Mars rover and interstellar-object probe

Express Technology , Forbes Tech

NASA’s Perseverance rover captures panoramic view of Mars crater


NASA’s TESS found 3 exoplanets orbiting a young sun-like star


NASA's Perseverance rover sends back chilling first sounds from Mars. Hear them here


NASA takes steps to reduce aviation emissions, invigorate U.S. economy

CBC Tech and Science

Space fans crack secret message on NASA's Mars parachute | CBC News