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BarDoggy is a brand activation platform. We support beverage suppliers to promote, activate and build their brands on and off-trade


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Product overview

the problem

Beverage suppliers spent most of their marketing budget on traditional marketing campaigns without getting data or feedback from the consumer. This makes their marketing campaigns expensive, hard to scale and hard to measure.

the solution

We make a direct connection between supply and demand on the trade and provide actionable data insights to beverage suppliers and hospitality venues.

target group

We connect beverage suppliers to venues and to their customers. Our target audience is social drinkers and adventures explorers who like to go out in the age of 18 to 45.

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Nick Stals

Team size

€50,000 Equity crowdfunding

Dutch startup funding: 76 million euro in Q2 2016, fintech on the rise

Funding Earnings
Silicon Canals

Horeca-app BarDoggy kan met €575.000 'blijven bewateren'

€575,000 Angel
Silicon Canals

Horeca-app BarDoggy kan met €575.000 'blijven bewateren'

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BarDoggy and Storecove won the Amsterdam final of Get in the Ring - Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE)

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BarDoggy: gratis borrelen en feesten met iPhone-app

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'BarDoggy' in de App Store


Kroeg-app Bardoggy is digitale propper

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Kickstart: goedkoper drinken door BarDoggy (filmpje)

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Bardoggy APP voor Stratumseind


Bardoggy, Fixico en iLost maken kans op LOEY Starters Awards

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Routeplanner naar goedkoop bier en bitterballen

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Nederlands kampioen Beerpongen - De CaféKrant - het vakblad voor cafés - café nieuws - cafénieuws - horeca

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Nieuwe app: BarDoggy

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BarDoggy; De nieuwste app voor uitgaan

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Watch out Silicon Valley! This city wants your crown

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Smart hospitality: BarDoggy unlocks ‘the Internet of Things' for the hospitality industry

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Tim de Kraker wint New-York Pitch event, pakt $10.000 en prikkelt internationale investeerders - Accelerator Nederland

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Stappen doe je met BarDoggy