Birlibam Ltd.

Birlibam Ltd.

Birlibam Ltd.

Please ask me for my business card. I don't have any. I rely on Birlibam - the new, fresh and unique way to introduce yourself!
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Vladislav Mihaylov
Vladislav Mihaylov
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Product overview

the problem

It’s the ingenious replacement of your dusty cardholder, that will make your contacts last. Birlibam will revolutionize the way you communicate with your partners, no matter how small or big your business ambitions are.

the solution

Birlibam is a mobile and web application that expands the possibilities of your business card. It’s as simple as the way you manage all the digital data in your everyday life.

target group

It does not matter if you are a self-employed professional, run a small studio or a big company, Birlibam is designed for you.

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Модерни времена - Българин впечатли света с жива визитка - Стандарт

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Българи изобретиха дигитална визитна картичка

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„Бирлибам” слага край на старомодните визитки

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Владислав Михайлов и Пламен Сакалийски за Birlibam - визитките на 21 век

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Идва ли краят на хартиените визитки?

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Български програмист създаде вечно актуална визитна картичка

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Birlibam quer pôr um ponto final na era dos cartões de visita em papel

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Дигитална визитка улеснява бизнеса

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Birlibam, forget your outdated business cards

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Българин с еленски корен създаде жива визитка

Birlibam is a business card fit for a digital lifestyle