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Canalys: Cloud infrastructure spending grew 32% to $39 billion in Q4 2020

Express Technology

Chromebook sales improved twofold through 2020, says Canalys report

Canalys: Tablet shipments hit all-time high in Q4 2020

Canalys: competitors gobble up Huawei's lost market share in Q4, Honor faces uphill battle


Canalys: Cybersecurity spending is projected to rise 10% in 2021

Canalys: Chromebook and tablet sales soar as desktop PC sales drop in Q3

Express Technology

Apple iPhone 11 was the most shipped phone globally, iPhone SE was second: Canalys

Canalys: the iPhone 11 was the best-selling smartphone globally in Q3, SE a distant second

Canalys: Companies expected to ship 200M bands, 350M TWS devices in 2021

Canalys: Samsung lead smartphone market in Q3, Xiaomi overtook Apple

The Verge , VentureBeat

Samsung regains top smartphone vendor spot as Xiaomi overtakes Apple

Express Technology

Smartphone shipments in India see record high of 50 million units in Q3 2020: Canalys

Canalys: India saw record smartphone shipments in Q3

Express Technology

PC shipments break 10-year-old record during Covid-19 pandemic: Canalys report

Data News NL

Canalys: PC markt groeit met dubbele cijfers dankzij coronacrisis


The PC market is the hottest it's been in a decade, says Canalys

Canalys: 278 million 5G smartphones to be sold in 2020


Canalys: Google is top cloud infrastructure provider for online retailers

Canalys: Smartphone sales in the US grew in Q2, Apple and Samsung led the way

Canalys: Tablet market rises 26% following as demand for bigger screens surges