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Venture business incubator in Tokyo, Japan.


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It's almost 2018 and we still have to explain how Twitter works

@ruhanirabin via The Verge

New Twitter ads admit it’s too hard to use


Twitter says Russians spent ~$1k on six Brexit-related ads

Foreign affairs

New Twitter ads ignore the site’s Nazi problem and admit another major issue

Bloomberg , Silicon Beat

CNN Says Anderson Cooper’s Twitter Account Was Apparently Hacked

Data leaks US elections
Business Insider

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wore these strange shoes during an interview with Lloyd Blankfein — and broke a cardinal workplace rule

Lifestyle Employment
The Verge

An auto-tweeting "baby poop" video is worming its way through Twitter

Re/code , The Verge , TechCrunch , +3

Twitter will now let you publish an entire tweetstorm all at once

CNN Tech

Twitter announces all-women speakers at CES

Startup events Diversity
Business Insider

Facebook and Twitter could reportedly be fined up to £20 million if they don't tackle online bullying


The new ‘Star Wars’ might not suck, says Twitter

Star Wars
Nieman Lab

#MAGA, Hannity, the Wendy's chicken nuggets guy, and 2017's other Twitter-topping people and topics


World's first AR app for Twitter is a preview of what's to come

Business Insider

Twitter's chief dealmaker, Jessica Verrilli, is leaving

The Verge

You can now use Twitter in augmented reality, in case your life isn’t bleak enough

Virtual Reality
Bloomberg Business

Fly Charts: A Snapchat-Twitter Teamup and a Looming Buyback Bust

Business Insider

A viral trick called the 'Invisible Box Challenge' is taking over Twitter — here's how it works


April Reign has become a force of nature on Twitter

Bloomberg Business

On Twitter, Farmers Are Begging Trump Not to Bail on Nafta

US elections
Bloomberg Business

Twitter and Snapchat Should Form an Anti-Facebook Coalition