Epic! opens the doors to a new world of reading for kids 12 and under by providing an unlimited selection of eBooks that can be instantly
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Epic files new complaint in its antitrust suit against Google


Byju’s acquires US-based reading platform Epic for $500 mn


A brief history of the Apple and Epic beef

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Epic has made Easy Anti-Cheat free for game developers

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At Epic v Apple's closing, judge probes implications of upending Apple's App Store

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Epic v Apple: What have we learned?

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Apple CEO Tim Cook gets lightly roasted by judge in 'Fortnite' trial

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Factbox: Five things to know about Epic's epic legal fight with Apple

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Apple CEO Tim Cook to testify on Friday as Epic trial nears end

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Why Apple will win its App Store antitrust case against Epic

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Epic offered Sony $200 million for PlayStation PC games

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Epic and Apple are now fighting over a naked banana


Everything That's Happening In The Apple vs Epic Case


Epic’s Years-Long Plan to Paint Itself as Gaming’s Good Guy

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Epic needs to tarnish the Apple’s App Store halo


Apple To Epic: What's?

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Epic says there’s an App Store payment lockout — but Apple just sees friction


Apple's Tim Cook On Epic's Tim Sweeney: I Do Not Know This Man

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Epic pushed Xbox chief to open free multiplayer just ahead of Apple Fortnite battle

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Report: Epic offered Fortnite for Stadia in exchange for a better cut on the Play Store