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Goldman Sachs

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Goldman Sachs

Official Goldman Sachs Twitter account. Follow us for the latest in global and local economic progress, firm news, and thought leadership content.


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1,500.0M USD Private equity in Jan, 2011
1,000.0M USD Debt financing in Mar, 2016
22.7M USD Series D in Oct, 2008
Exit: Microsoft for $26B on Jun 13, 2016
186.0M USD Series G in May, 2015
100.0M USD Series C in Apr, 2000
Exit: eBay for $1.5B on Jul 8, 2002
1,150.0M USD Debt financing in Jul, 2016
50.0M USD Series C in Dec, 2013
100.0M USD Debt financing in Apr, 2014
250.0M USD Series B in Oct, 2011
60.0M USD Series D in Sep, 2012
40.0M USD Series D in Jan, 2015
30.0M USD Series E in Nov, 2012
60.0M USD Series C in Mar, 2015
70.0M USD Series A in Feb, 2011
Exit: Landesk for unknown amount on Mar 14, 2016
75.0M USD Series C in Sep, 2011
30.0M USD Series C in Apr, 2016
50.0M USD Series F in Aug, 2016
120.0M USD Series B in Jan, 2014
Exit: Alibaba for $200M on Jul 5, 2016
43.0M USD Series E in Jan, 2014
25.0M USD Series C in Apr, 2015
8.0M USD Venture capital in Mar, 2015
150.0M USD Series F in Aug, 2014
5.0M USD Seed fund in Jul, 2015
57.0M USD Series E in Feb, 2014
45.0M USD Series B in Dec, 2015
55.0M USD Series D in Oct, 2014
14.0M USD Series C in Jan, 2012
Exit: Yahoo for unknown amount on Jul 31, 2015
95.0M USD Series D in Apr, 2015
56.0M USD Series C in Jan, 2017
100.0M USD Series E in Apr, 2015
Exit: Delivery Hero for unknown amount on Dec 10, 2016
138.0M USD Series E in May, 2011
Exit: Hudson's Bay for unknown amount on Jan 7, 2016
31.0M USD Series E in Sep, 2016
23.0M USD Series C in Oct, 2014
20.0M USD Venture Capital in Jan, 2000
175.0M USD Debt financing in May, 2016
43.0M USD Series E in Jan, 2014
36.0M USD Venture Capital in Nov, 2014
30.0M USD Series D in Dec, 2014
15.0M USD Series B in Mar, 2008
Exit: YouTube for unknown amount on Mar 7, 2011
750.0M USD Debt financing in Nov, 2015
45.0M USD Venture Capital in Jun, 2016
30.0M USD Debt financing in Dec, 2013
80.0M USD Series G in Jan, 2015
40.0M USD Series C in Feb, 2016
38.5M USD Series D in Mar, 2015
10.0M USD Series D in Nov, 2016
42.0M USD Series C in Feb, 2016
58.0M USD Venture Capital in Sep, 2015
45.0M EUR Series E in Jan, 2015
56.0M USD Series A in Jan, 2015
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