We are a proud global brewer committed to bringing enjoyment to consumers around the world.
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Startups are at the forefront of innovation and are the ones bold enough to define what our future shall look like. Heineken wants to collaborate and be part of this positive force, to help shape the future and fasten the transition thereof.

By working and collaborating with young, energetic and passionate startups we are convinced we can further develop our ways of working and thinking and ultimately bring more enjoyment to our consumers around the world.

Connecting beer lovers of the world at home

HEINEKEN’s Innovators Brewhouse is looking for innovative ideas and solutions to bring its home draught system, The SUB, to the internet of things through a connectivity kit add-on. We are calling upon the best creatives and start-ups from the world to participate and put your brains to the test.

Wildcard Solution

The Wildcard is an open category and your chance to get creative. If you think you have a similar solution to the HEINEKEN HR Brewhouse competition but the solution does not fit exactly within the core challenges listed above, we still want to hear from you!

Talent Acquisition

Recruitment is a growing challenge across all industries and finding the perfect candidate has never been more challenging. We are looking for tech solutions to improve the recruitment process for both our candidates and global HR teams. This includes processes like sourcing talent using Artificial Intelligence to ensuring employee referrals are more efficient. Whether this be by experimenting with interview methods, or a new way of managing the employee life cycle, we want to hear your solutions to improving the recruitment process for HEINEKEN.

Seamless Onboarding

One of the largest challenges facing companies today is ensuring that the on-boarding experience is as seamless as possible for our employees. As one of our priorities, we see this as an opportunity to improve the on-boarding process for new employees, as well as alleviate the stress of moving jobs for all employees. We want to hear how you can help us make our on-boarding processes as seamless as possible through tech innovations!

Employee Engagement

In the race to improve productivity and decrease pressure in today’s fast moving world, increasing employee engagement is the key to success for many organisations globally. In this challenge, we are looking for solutions to draw actionable insights from employee feedback and understand their sentiment, promote recognition of employee success across the company and encourage activities that benefit the health and wellness of our employees.