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Product overview

the problem

Major search engines capture your IP address and use tracking cookies to make a record of your data and follow you online with annoying ads.

the solution

A private search engine that does not record your IP address or track your searches. With Startpage you remain invisible and your personal information remains private.

target group

Everyone who respects their privacy

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How to keep your search history safe from Google

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4 ways to bolster your online privacy

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Google ärgern: Anonym suchen und trotzdem alles finden

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Here’s How To Protect Your Privacy In Trump’s America

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These 6 Simple Tools Help Protect Your Online Privacy

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Neither Hope For an Obama, Nor Fear A Trump, Snowden Said Today

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Edward Snowden not worried about Putin turning him over to Trump

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Edward Snowden Livestream: Whistleblower To Discuss Donald Trump, Privacy

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Watch Snowden sound off on Trump live on November 10

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StartPage to drop Yahoo from search results

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Ixquick offer anonymous web browsing with new Startpage Proxy