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Silicon Beat

Google CEO Sundar Pichai owns estimated half-billion dollars in company stock


Sundar Pichai Sees Google's Future in the Smartest Cloud

TechCrunch , The Verge , Re/code

Google has 2 billion users on Android, 500M on Google Photos


“Let others succeed”: Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s simple but effective leadership style

Silicon Beat

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's pay doubled to $199.7 million in 2016

Business Insider , CNN Tech

Google's CEO got a massive raise last year

Business Insider

Sundar Pichai just hinted at how Google will make money from maps, and it sounds like lots of ads

Business Insider

Google CEO Sundar Pichai explains how important cloud computing is to the company's future

CNET , TNW , Silicon Beat

Google CEO Sundar Pichai replies to 7 year old girl's job application

Business Insider

Here's what Google CEO Sundar Pichai's signature says about him, according to an expert

Business Insider

A 7-year-old girl asked Google for a job — and got a personal response from CEO Sundar Pichai

Robotics Employment
Business Insider

The meteoric rise of Google CEO Sundar Pichai

TechCrunch , WSJD

Google CEO Sundar Pichai fears impact of Trump immigration order, recalls staff

US elections

Sundar Pichai makes the case for Google versus Alexa

Business Insider

The meteoric rise of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, in photos


Sundar Pichai UnPluggd : From sambhar to meeting his wife to Google'e AI focus


Google CEO Sundar Pichai will host a cloud event in India next week

Startup events
Business Insider

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says the US election was 'challenging' and 'deeply divided'

US elections
TNW , The Verge , TechCrunch , +1

Google Station aims to bring Wi-Fi to public spaces across the globe

Business Insider

The fun part of Google's earnings call is seeing Sundar Pichai in a wild hat and shorts