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Dropbox and Adobe deal, PDFs made easy?

The Next Web , TechCrunch , VentureBeat , +1

Adobe is working with Dropbox to make PDFs easier to use

The Next Web

Adobe's apology for Lightroom update fails to placate angry users as it examines options

The Next Web

Adobe gives a sneak peek of new features in its app publishing tool

The Next Web

Adobe's amazing prototype camera app can remove tourists from your holiday photos

The Verge

Watch Adobe's Monument Mode erase tourists from photos in real-time

The Next Web

Lightroom mobile app for iOS is now a standalone image editor free for everyone

The Next Web

Adobe CEO asserts Creative Cloud subscriptions are key to the program's success


Adobe’s Project Comet Is a Start-to-Finish UX Design App

The Next Web

Adobe 'sneak peeks' target photobombs, 3D

The Next Web

Adobe's Project Comet tackles cross-device design head-on

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Starbucks Appoints New Chief Technology Officer From Adobe

The Next Web , TechCrunch , VentureBeat

Adobe Typekit partners with Morisawa, the high-profile Japanese type foundry

The Verge , The Next Web , Mashable , +2

Adobe is giving away Photoshop's best features for free

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Livestream: Watch Adobe MAX keynote right here

TechCrunch , The Next Web

Adobe’s Stock Content Service Adds Video Support

VentureBeat , TechCrunch

How to livestream Adobe’s Max creativity conference keynote today

The Next Web

Adobe MAX Creativity Conference: What to expect

The Verge

This is how Adobe and NASA photoshop the stars

The Next Web

Adobe updates Elements hobbyist photo and video apps with more pro-level features