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Amazon Snowball will physically transfer up to 50 terabytes of data to the cloud

The Next Web

Amazon’s new $50 Fire tablet is perfect for people who aren’t really interested in technology


Amazon Shuts Down Its Music Importer Software, Points Users To Amazon Music App Instead


Amazon Inspector Finds Security Issues For You


Amazon Launches Snowball, A Rugged Storage Appliance For Importing Data To AWS By FedEx

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Amazon Launches QuickSight Business Intelligence Service For AWS


Amazon’s AWS Is Now A $7.3B Business As It Passes 1M Active Enterprise Customers

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Jet, the well-funded startup trying to take on Amazon, just completely changed its business model


Amazon launches QuickSight, a cloud-based business intelligence tool

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Amazon's new 'Snowball' box should worry Cisco, HP, IBM and other big IT companies

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Amazon Studios will release SXSW sci-fi hit Creative Control


Amazon Is Absolutely Eviscerating Other Retailers Online, New Survey Shows

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Amazon Prime is wreaking havoc on college mailrooms


Amazon Web Services to Add Analytics

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Amazon is building an army of 'cowboys' and 'Jeff bots' in India

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More appliances can automatically buy you pet food from Amazon

The Verge

What's behind Amazon’s baffling decision to ban Apple TV and Chromecast?

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Amazon is about to announce a deal that should terrify Microsoft

The Verge , Business Insider , The Next Web , +5

Amazon will reportedly ban sales of Apple TV and Google Chromecast

The Verge , New York Times Bits , WSJD

Amazon will ban sales of Apple TV and Google Chromecast