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analogue plus

analogue plus is a start-up company accelerated. analogue plus has been incubated by Samsung C-Lab for a year and is independently founded in November, 2016.
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Product overview

the problem

Helmet users face danger and discomfort when using mobile devices. Bluetooth headsets provide hands free options but are often cumbersome to wear. Noise blocking presents dangers due to restricting the user’s ability to hear what’s going on around them.

the solution

Ahead snaps instantly onto any helmet and connects to your smartphone, so you can keep safe and stay in touch with the world. Whether you’re cruising to work on your vintage Vespa or tearing up the half-pipe, Ahead keeps your ears open and hands free.

target group

Our first target group is cyclists who commute to work or enjoy biking on weekends. And many construct site workers need Ahead because of safety& comfort. So next target is construction company by B2B.

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