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A Conversation With Travis Kavulla on the Tough Decisions Utility Regulators Are Facing | GTM Squared

Greentech Media

A Conversation With Travis Kavulla on the Hard Decisions Utility Regulators Are Facing | GTM Squared

@erickschonfeld @shervin via TechCrunch , Business Insider , The Verge , +1

Travis Kalanick says Uber has 40 million monthly active riders


The many things Travis Kalanick and I suddenly agree on


Guy who works for Travis Kalanick calls Donald Trump a psychopath

US elections
Tech in Asia

Travis Kalanick hits back at Manila freeze on new Uber drivers

@hblodget via Business Insider

Travis Kalanick on Uber's bet on self-driving cars: 'I can't be wrong'

Taxis Technology
Business Insider

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says its self-driving cars will create more jobs, not destroy them

Tech in Asia

Travis Kalanick’s Uber China letter is revisionist bullshit

Taxis Asia
@markmilian @davemcclure @film_girl @DanielleMorrill @johnbattelle @NateLanxon @erichippeau @erickschonfeld via Bloomberg , WSJD , The Verge , +22

Uber Said to Merge China Business With Didi in $35 Billion Deal

Taxis Strategy Asia
Business Insider

Travis Kalanick's dog is adorable and it's running for president of an 'Uber for dog-walking' startup

Taxis Animals

Quadruple amputee, Travis Mills, shares how Apple Watch has changed his life

The Verge

Uber's Travis Kalanick has no driver's license and a 1999 BMW

Business Insider

Sorry, Travis Kalanick, but the anti-Uber coalition is more than just 'an idea'


Dutch startup news update: Tim Cook, Jack Ma and Travis Kalanick in town!

Funding Global

One entrepreneur's lesson from Travis Kalanick: Investors only respect you if you treat them like assholes

Business Insider

Tech big shots like Tim Cook, Travis Kalanick, and Elon Musk gathered last night at New York's hottest fashion show

Product Hunt

Test and Code - The Travis Foundtion: Interview with Laura Geatano from the Travis Foundation

@sarahcuda via Business Insider

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick spent 30 hours quizzing a candidate before finally offering him a job

@jonfine @fmanjoo via The Texas Tribune

Travis County GOP Apoplectic Over Newly Elected Chairman, by Jordan Rudner