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Booking.com has launched Booking Now in live status
02 Mar 2015

Booking Now is the new way to book from Booking.com, Planet Earth’s #1 Accommodation Site. Last minute business meeting? Spontaneous trip with your friends? Your perfect room is two taps away.

Patrick Tech and Media entrepreneur, co-founder TNW

I really liked this update. Booking has become a lot better on mobile since the eBuddy acquisition if you ask me. Can you say anything about the importance of mobile for Booking atm?

03 Mar 2015
Stuart Director of Design at Booking.com

Hi Patrick, sorry it took me so long to reply, I'm enjoying a holiday after the Booking Now launch. Let me address both of your points:

The Impact of the eBuddy acquisition: It was recognised that we needed to bolster our mobile app teams, both in terms of numbers, but also with some people with great experience of having popular apps live around the world, so the synergies were there, and I can say from a personal perspective that the acquisition bought onboard some really fantastic engineers who I love working with and learn a lot from. From a quality perspective, I don't think there is a marked difference, but what having more people allows for is greater velocity of product development, and in turn getting new features into the hands of our millions of customers more quickly - so that definitely helped. We always aspire to have fantastic apps available for customers, and our app store ratings validate that we have been doing that consistently over a number of years now,

2. In terms of the importance of mobile - I can mention a couple of nice stats: We now do over 100k reservations on mobile devices per day, which is obviously a very significant amount of business. Also, over 50% of our last minute business is now on mobile, so in that segment, mobile is becoming the dominant platform. We have a pretty simple way of looking at where we spend our efforts, and that is to spend it where customers require it of us, and so Booking Now is a really strong signal that we as a company take mobile very seriously, and that a company of our scale is able to innovate and really push the boundaries in terms of what it means to book a hotel room.

Hopefully that answers your questions - I love talking about what we're doing at booking.com - so let me know if you have any more thoughts to share!

17 Mar 2015