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Xignite launches microservices suite


Xignite enhances cloud APIs

$35,000,000 Venture capital (Series B)
TechCrunch , Pulse 2.0 , Forbes Tech

SpinLaunch spins up a $35M round to continue building its space catapult


HSBC taps MuleSoft for Kinetic build out

Pulse 2.0

Salesforce’s MuleSoft: 100,000 To Be Upskilled In 5 Years And New No-Code Tools


18 months after acquisition, MuleSoft is integrating more deeply into Salesforce


Salesforce’s MuleSoft brings its API platform to Google Cloud, plugs in BigQuery

Marketing Tech

MuleSoft notes how the ‘coherence economy’ can salvage disconnected customer experiences


How MuleSoft patched a critical security flaw and avoided a disaster


Cisco shells out $2.6B for optical networking chipmaker Acacia Communications - SiliconANGLE


Cisco to Acquire Acacia Communications, for $2.6 Billion

Undisclosed funding
TechCrunch , StartupWorld , SiliconANGLE

Docker inks partnership with Mulesoft as Salesforce takes a strategic stake


Meet Karat: This startup has quietly conducted 20K technical interviews for MuleSoft, Intuit, Pinterest

40 millions de dollars pour la catapulte spatiale de SpinLaunch

$40,000,000 Venture capital (Series A)

A startup raised $40 million to build a catapult that sends rockets into orbit

BI Tech

Salesforce paid $6.86 billion to buy MuleSoft in its biggest deal ever — but MuleSoft shareholders are suing to stop the...

Legal Stock markets Strategy

Salesforce introduces Integration Cloud on heels of MuleSoft acquisition

Cloud Apps & Services
Data News NL

Salesforce koopt MuleSoft voor 6,5 miljard dollar

ZDNet , CrunchBase

​With MuleSoft, Salesforce gets a hybrid cloud play

Bloomberg , TechCrunch , VentureBeat

Salesforce Agrees to Buy MuleSoft for About $6.5 Billion

Funding Cloud Apps & Services