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UK antitrust watchdog opens inquiry into Facebook’s Giphy acquisition


UK regulators investigate Facebook's purchase of Giphy

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UK competition watchdog launches investigation into Facebook’s $400M acquisition of Giphy

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How Facebook’s past acquisitions could haunt its purchase of Giphy

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The real reason Facebook bought Giphy for $400 million


Instagram chief: We didn't buy Giphy for the data


Facebook acquires GIF website Giphy to integrate with Instagram

Tech Insider

Giphy ruined GIFs, and Facebook ruined the internet. They're perfect for each other.


Facebook buys GIPHY for $400 million

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5 things you need to know about Giphy, the GIF platform acquired by Facebook


Facebook Shovels Giphy Into Its Salivating Maw

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Why Facebook just bought Giphy for $400m, explained in GIFs

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Facebook’s Giphy acquisition sounds antitrust alarms in Congress

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Facebook spends $400M buy Giphy, plans to integrate it with Instagram

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Facebook buys GIF-maker Giphy

Facebook buys Giphy for $400 million

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Facebook buys Giphy, popular tool for creating animated GIFs


Facebook buys GIF search engine startup Giphy for around $400 million


Facebook just bought Giphy

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Facebook koopt Giphy