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VentureBeat launches Comma Two, a $999 kit that imbues cars with assisted driving features

The Verge founder George Hotz wants to free humanity from the AI simulation


George Hotz treedt terug als en stelt vervanger aan om te groeien

TechCrunch’s George Hotz ousts George Hotz as CEO

Self driving cars
CleanTechnica Adds Driver Monitoring To Its Self-Driving Software Stack

$5,000,000 Venture capital (Series A)

Automotive Automation Startup Comma Raises $5 Million In New Funding News

Funding Self driving cars

Geohot: Tesla Autopilot = Apple iOs, = Android Exclusive)

Self driving cars

Crunch Report | Launches Panda


George Hotz launches newest product, an $88 universal car interface called Panda

Robotics Self driving cars
TechCrunch launches an $88 universal car interface called Panda

Robotics Self driving cars
Product Hunt

The Verge

Inside’s garage: Warren G, Drake quotes, and a message to Elon Musk

Self driving cars

Geohot’s startup open-sources its self-driving car technology

Robotics Self driving cars
ReadWrite cancels breakthrough self-driving vehicle kit amid federal inquiry

Robotics Self driving cars
VentureBeat cancels self-driving car device after warning from U.S. regulators

Self driving cars
TechCrunch cancels the Comma One following NHTSA letter

Self driving cars Language
The Verge says it'll make your car semi-autonomous for $24 a month

Robotics Self driving cars
TechCrunch will ship a $999 autonomous driving add-on by the end of this year

Self driving cars
TechCrunch will ship a $999 autonomous driving add-on by the end of this year

TechCrunch open-sources the data it used for its first successful driverless trips

Self driving cars