Cryptocurrency Freelance Marketplace. Pay and get paid in any cryptocurrency.
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Product overview

the problem

Lack of available cryptocurrency earning and spending options. Insufficient cryptocurrency adoption.

the solution

Platform that allows users to pay and get paid for freelance work with any cryptocurrency

target group

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, freelancers, ICOs looking to pay for services in their own coin

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Crypto Press Release:This New Freelance Platform Will Put Cryptocurrency in the Hands of Freelancers

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Ty Smith - Co-Founder of Crypico

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Crypico: Cryptocurrency Payments For Work, Gigs & Services?

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Can a Decentralized Freelance Platform Bring Crypto to the Masses?

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Crypico Creates the Cryptocurrency Gig Economy

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Crypico Freelance Gig Market Place and Community

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Crypico Wants to Boost Crypto Adoption With Freelance Marketplace Accepting Multiple Tokens

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This New Freelance Platform Hopes to Put Cryptocurrency in the Hands of Thousands.