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Vessel Connectivity Challenge

Damen looks to improve the efficiency and the JIT delivery of information in the construction of our vessels. Looking at our vessels, we strive to bring our customers the best experience combining functionality, reliability and comfort.
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Challenge Details

As integrator of specialised components we always aim to outperform expectations. Therefore, we are looking for the best parts that result in the highest sum.

One of the topics that we currently work on and offers possibilities for collaboration is Vessel connectivity: We are working on an IoT platform to process the data we harvest from our vessels. The goal is to use that data to help our clients with their operations, improve our designs and make the vessels smarter.

As Damen we see that we cannot develop all tech in-house. Working together with the fast-paced startup world can boost the innovation of our products and can keep us at the cutting edge of the shipbuilding industry.


Damen is one of the largest shipbuilders in the world with an immense network in the industry. When startups partner up with us we can help them expand their exposure and get global market access. The combination of our shipbuilding expertise and the large number of production facilities means we can help you improve your products and run trials. This will help propel the quality of your products.

  • When your product complies with our standards and adds to the quality or efficiency of our products and processes, we are more than willing to become your customer. Depending on your product or service this would start with a demo.
  • By making your proposition an optional aboard our vessels, we could become a promotor of your products or services.
Practical Details

We are looking for startups to partner with, without a specific classification. It does help to have a minimum viable product and some references.

Sorry, we no longer accept applications!