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Swvl (SWVL) Stock: Why The Price Skyrocketed 50.15%


Mass transit group Swvl confirms estimated $100M acquisition of UK start-up Zeelo


Egyptian MaaS startup Swvl enters Turkish markets with latest acquisition

MedCity News

Big Health tests if insomnia app can help with anxiety, depression

Sam Wakoba

swvl resumes operations in Kenya | Adds Swvl Carpool  & long-distance travel


SparkCognition and SkyGrid Deploy First AI-Powered Cybersecurity System on Drones

$13,000,000 Venture capital (Series B)

Cecelia Health Closes $13M Series B Financing


Russian space officials say Space Adventures has struck a deal to let a customer do a spacewalk


JUMP bikes return to Seattle under Lime ownership

$39,000,000 Venture capital (Series B)
Crunchbase News , Pulse 2.0

Big Health Hones Digital Mental Health Therapy With $39M Series B

Forbes Tech

Uber Defends Sending Thousands Of JUMP Bikes To The Scrapheap

Venture capital
FinTech Futures

Visa invests in cloud-based analytics platform GoodData


Crowdfunding Swvl x Rizq

Science Connecting

SpaceX Announces Partnership With Space Adventures to Take 4 Tourists Into Deep Orbit

GeekWire , CNET , CBS News

SpaceX and Space Adventures plan to send customers on high-flying space trips


Swvl’s Fair Fares: Everything you need to know


Swvl’s unannounced increment in fares is distressing the users


Swvl to join hands with the Sindh Govt


Swvl plans to invest $25 million in Pakistan

Silicon Canals - European technology news

Uber introduces electric bicycle in Rotterdam with bright red JUMP bikes