Zero 2 Infinity

Zero 2 Infinity

Zero 2 Infinity

Zero 2 Infinity is radically simplifying access to Space.
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Venture capital (Series A) - 2011
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Product overview

the problem

Getting to Space is hard, we make it easier to go there, to enable a whole new sphere of economy, which includes extending the Web worldwide.

the solution

We have patented systems that use environmentally friendly balloons to cover the first leg of the flight to Space, reducing cost and complexity.

target group

The main, most obvious application of our innovation is to extend connectivity to the entire surface of the planet.We are application agnostic, from constellations of IoT satellites, to marriages above 99% of the atmosphere, the applications are infinite.

3D Printing Industry

Zero 2 Infinity firing rockets from balloons with 3D printed parts

Robotics Space Materials

Zero 2 Infinity gets 3D-printed engine part for Bloostar launch vehicle

Robotics Space