Gaia - Media Management

Gaia - Media Management

Gaia - Media Management

Gaia is your online photo catalog. With lots of features like sharing, tagging, batch resizing and many more. Create your free account now and start getting the full potential of your photos.
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Key People
Vincent van den Boogaard
Vincent van den Boogaard
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Product overview

the problem

The endless unorganised photo clutter by professionals. Thousands of photos without structure.

the solution

We offer our users the ability to quickly upload thousands of photos and order them easily with tags and folders. Our gallery provides the user with a quick view and by keeping the original photo we can do lossless watermarking, scaling and much more.

target group

Mainly photographers and companies who have a lot of photos. But with our free plan we also expand to hobbyists who just want a safe place for their most precious photos to be stored.

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