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Apple, Google, 23andMe, and others are fighting COVID-19, from wearables to faster CT scans to contact tracing


Privacy worries cited as possible reason for DNA test firm 23andMe's sales downturn


23andMe reportedly laid off 14% of its workforce as people stop buying DNA testing kits


23andMe cuts 100 jobs as DNA testing market slows

Forbes Tech

23andMe Lays Off 14% Of Workforce Amid Declining DNA Test Sales

CNBC Tech , Recode , The Verge

23andMe lays off 100 people as DNA test sales decline, CEO says she was 'surprised' to see market turn


Layoffs reach 23andMe after hitting Mozilla and the Vision Fund portfolio

The Verge , New Scientist

23andMe sold the rights to a drug it developed from its genetic database


Congratulations 23andMe users, your genes are finally helping the company make drugs


Fertility start-up Celmatix sues former business partner 23andMe for $100 million in damages


23andMe's Tracy Keim Is Prioritizing Privacy

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23andMe’s next stage? Using DNA data to help you make better health choices

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Perspective | 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki is on a new quest: Respect for breast-feeding moms


PRIME CHEAP: Discover if you’re 0.1% extraterrestrial with $100 off a 23andMe DNA kit


23andMe is moving into Apple's territory with a pilot to pull in medical data, not just DNA


Want To Raise Successful Kids? Don’t Make It Easy, Says Mom Of YouTube CEO And 23andMe Cofounder


Live Long And Prosper: How Anne Wojcicki’s 23andMe Will Mine Its Giant DNA Database For Health And Wealth


Airbnb Partners With 23andMe To Recommend Heritage Inspired Vacations

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Don’t Count on 23andMe to Detect Most Breast Cancer Risks, Study Warns

CNBC , MIT Technology Review

23andMe is hoping to reach millions more users with a new genetic report on diabetes