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HarbourVest Partners


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35.0M USD Series E in Oct, 2013
50.0M USD Series C in Jan, 2016
22.0M USD Series B in May, 2016
10.0M USD Venture capital in Feb, 2006
Exit: M86 Security for unknown amount on Nov 1, 2009
10.9M USD Venture Capital in Oct, 2016
1.0M USD Debt financing in Dec, 2009
Exit: Ericsson for $125M on Sep 10, 2015
60.0M USD Venture Capital in Sep, 2015
160.0M USD Private equity in Aug, 2015
23.0M USD Series F in Oct, 2010
Exit: NICE Systems Ltd. for $135M on Jan 11, 2016
26.5M USD Series A in Oct, 2007
36.0M USD Venture capital in Dec, 2012
13.8M USD Venture capital in Jul, 2007
23.0M USD Series B in Mar, 2004
Exit: xAd, Inc. for unknown amount on Nov 14, 2016
Undisclosed amount Undisclosed funding in Jan, 2014
25.0M USD Series A in Sep, 2007
2.5M USD Series C in Apr, 2004
Exit: Reuters for unknown amount on Apr 30, 2007
100.0K USD Venture capital in Mar, 2008
16.0M USD Series E in Jun, 2011
5.0M USD Series B in Jul, 2007
Exit: Photoways for unknown amount on Apr 11, 2006
33.0M EUR Series C in Apr, 2016
1.9M USD Venture capital in Feb, 2012
Exit: Cloud Sherpas for unknown amount on Jan 1, 2013
6.5M USD Series A in Jan, 2000
Exit: Blackbaud for $25M on Aug 1, 2007
1.4M USD Venture capital in Feb, 2008
Exit: DragonWave Inc. for $25M on Oct 14, 2010

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