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UK's Deliveroo raises $180m investors at $7b valuation


BRIEF: Deliveroo raises $180m in pre-IPO funding at $7bn valuation


Deliveroo targets $7 billion valuation for IPO

Telegraph Technology Intelligence

Deliveroo backers serve up £5bn valuation ahead of London float

BI Tech

Amazon-backed Deliveroo could be headed to a blockbuster IPO that values it above $13 billion in April

Fast Company

Camo, flags, and the Kraken: Experts decode the symbols of the Capitol insurrectionists

Crowdfund Insider

Digital Asset Exchanges Kraken and Gemini to Continue Supporting Blockchain and DLT Industry, Announce 2021 Plans


Italian court rules against ‘discriminatory’ Deliveroo rider ranking algorithm

The Daily Hodl

Kraken’s Dan Held Explains Why Bitcoin Could Be in Early Days of Super Cycle to $1,000,000


Jupiter and Saturn will have their closest visible meetup in 800 years tonight: How to watch


Jupiter and Saturn will have their closest visible meetup in 800 years: How to watch

The Guardian

Jupiter and Saturn meet in closest ‘great conjunction’ since 1623

Kraken Blog

A Need for Speed: Kraken to Launch Bitcoin Lightning ⚡️ Integration in 2021

Sky News Tech

Jupiter and Saturn to create first visible 'Christmas star' in 800 years


Jupiter and Saturn will be the closest they’ve been in 800 years — here’s how to spot them on Dec. 21


Covid has accelerated the adoption of online food delivery by 2 to 3 years, Deliveroo CEO says


Grocery delivery is Deliveroo’s fastest-growing business segment


Tech and hockey vet Todd Humphrey on his dream job with Seattle Kraken, ‘the nirvana of all startups’


Jupiter's moon Europa glows in the dark — and that may tell us what's on it

New Scientist , CNET

Jupiter’s moon Europa has ice that may glow green in the dark