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$67,000,000 Venture capital (Series D)
iZettle , TechCrunch , New York Times Bits , +1

iZettle raises €60 Million Series D, Introduces iZettle Advance

$55,500,000 Venture capital (Series C)
intelcapital , TechCrunch


Venture capital (Series Undisclosed)

More funding for iZettle; PE firm MCI Management invests

The Next Web , VentureBeat , ArcticStartup , +2

iZettle Advance is like Square Capital for small UK and European businesses

The Next Web

iZettle launches £79 card reader that supports Apple Pay

The Next Web

iZettle Launches its First Free Entry-level Chip & PIN Card Reader


To Grow Merchant Customers, iZettle Slashes The Cost Of Its Card Readers To Zero


SumUp Adds Spanish Bank BBVA To Its Latest Groupon/AmEx Round, Follows Mobile Payment Rival iZettle To South America

$31,400,000 Venture capital (Series B)

Mobile Payments Startup iZettle Expands Series B Of $31.4 Million, Adds American Express As Newest Investor As It Preps Launch In UK