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Jawbone’s New Wearable, the Up3, Is Ambitious in All the Right Places

$165,000,000 Private equity
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Jawbone Gets $165 Million in Complex Down Round, as Sameer Samat Heads Back to Google


Jawbone sees latest round of layoffs

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Jawbone cuts 15 percent of its workforce


Jawbone Lays Off 60, 15% Of Staff Globally, Closes NY Office

Business Insider

Jawbone is laying off 15% of its staff and shuttering its New York office


Jawbone Files Countersuit Against Fitbit In “Frivolous” Patent Infringement Case


Jawbone Wins Injunction in Legal Fight With Fitbit


Fitbit CEO Talks Apple Watch, Jawbone and Being Forced Into Profitability (Full Video)

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Jawbone’s Up4 is its most advanced, and expensive, tracker yet


Jawbone’s Hosain Rahman Discusses the Future of Wearables at Code/Mobile (Full Video)


Future wearables could be sensors you ingest and implant, Jawbone CEO says

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Jawbone CEO: We don't think of ourselves as a hardware company anymore


Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman hints at company moving away from hardware

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Jawbone's CEO sees a future where tiny sensors travel in your blood


Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman Joins Lineup for Next Week’s Code/Mobile


Whoop CEO on New Funding, Name, & Why Fitbit and Jawbone are “B.S.”


The Daily Startup: Investors Write Down Jawbone Shares

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Jawbone's UP activity trackers get new features, colors and a redesigned clasp

TechCrunch , WSJD

Jawbone Adds Passive Heart Rate Tracking And Auto Sleep Mode To Its Wristbands