Jules Corporation

Jules Corporation

Jules Corporation

Singapore Social Enterprise & Software Edtech with a Mission : "Preparing Our Children for Jobs of the Future". Creating JULESZONE: Early Learning Solution & Platform for 21st Century Skills anchored by Adaptive Learning & Personalised A.I. Companion
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Key People
KC Yoon
KC Yoon
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Product overview

the problem

The world we live in is changing rapidly with advanced technologies such as A.I., Machine-learning and Robotics; but our education system has remained largely unchanged. For the first time in history, we do not know what to teach our children.

the solution

To meet this urgent need, JULES has taken a different approach; by equipping our children with thinking skills at the earliest age to allow them a build a strong foundation for future learning.

target group

We target children from ages 4 to 8 years old; preschools and parents of these children


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