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Kornem Energy

Kornem Energy

Your Full-Service Fuel Station On Wheels | Delivering Fuel to your Doorstep | BioFuels & HSD | #Mobility #FuelToYou
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Product overview

the problem

In the existing traditional fuel supply chain, there is an extensive supply chain dating back to the early 20th century, which not only adds to the costs, but leads to adulteration, pilferage & damage to the environment.

the solution

We are eliminating the traditional fuel supply chain infrastructure using IOT & a compact terminal-to-car logistics aggregation, through service, automation and mobility. 

target group

We understand the importance of reliable Fuel delivery, where unproductive refuelling time by conventional means can increase your cost significantly. This is for anyone, who doesn't spend their free time on the things they love, but on tedious errands.

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