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Lyft now does 7 million rides a month. Wasn’t a huge spike in alleged attacks supposed to inevitably come with growth?

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Lyft partners with Honest Dollar to help drivers save for retirement

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Lyft is fighting to grow and losing a ton of money in the process

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Daily Report: Lyft Looks to Raise More Money

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Lyft’s $1B Gross Run Rate In Context

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Lyft says it’s on track to hit $1 billion in gross annual revenue


Lyft is launching a temporary music store for Beliebers


Ridesharing agreement between Lyft and Didi Kuaidi on track to kick in ‘early next year’


Lyft Beats Uber To McCarran Airport In Las Vegas

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Lyft for work? Now you can file expenses in-app

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Uber covers 75 percent of America. Why not 100 percent?

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Of course Lyft is offering DeLorean rides on Back to the Future Day


Uber’s Probe of Data Breach Focuses on Lyft Executive

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Lyft amps up partnerships to keep drivers happy

The Verge , Re/code

Uber thinks Lyft's CTO may have spied on its driver lists


'We treat you better': Lyft inks partnerships with Hertz and Shell to help drivers

TechCrunch , Re/code

Lyft Announces Second Engineering Hub In Seattle


Lyft Moves Customer Support Team To Nashville To Combat High-Priced SF Market


Lyft Joins with Hertz to Let Drivers Rent Cars for Pickups


You Can Get Justin Bieber’s New Album by Hailing a Lyft. Wait, What?