Building the world’s most powerful light field imaging platform
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Lytro's first camera for filmmakers is designed to work seamlessly with VFX


Lytro's new Cinema camera is designed to help filmmakers nail that 'impossible shot'

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Lytro CEO admits competing with Canon, Nikon, and smartphones was a losing game


Get a Lytro Light Field camera for $49.97


Gadgets news: Blackberry Priv and Lytro VR cam


Lytro Announces World's First Light Field VR Camera


Lytro Immerge camera captures 3D movement in live-action virtual reality scenes — for an eye-popping price

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'Light field' camera maker Lytro announces professional VR video rig

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Lytro dives into virtual reality filmmaking with debut of its Immerge video camera


Lytro Immerge: Groundbreaking Camera Will Let You Move Around in VR Video

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Refocus after you shoot with 59% off the Lytro camera

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Refocus after you shoot with 59% off the Lytro camera

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Lytro posts a how-to for creating VR content with the Illum camera

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Lytro releases major camera and desktop software updates

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Lytro's Illum update transforms its light field camera into a VR content creator

$50,000,000 Venture capital (Series Undisclosed)
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Layoffs hit Lytro, despite $50 million in new funding

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Lytro Illum Software Update Debuts Focus Spread Feature


Lytro Chairman to Take Post as Berkeley Professor in 2015


Lytro Hits Up The Enterprise With The Introduction Of The Lytro Platform And Dev Kit

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Lytro's first developer kit lets people make their own cameras, for a price