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Even after tweaking your settings, Windows 10 is still a privacy nightmare


Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Adds Former Microsoft Exec to Board

The Verge , VentureBeat

Quantum Break is coming to Windows 10, PC version free with Xbox One preorder

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Microsoft’s new iPhone app thinks my annoying cat is 70 percent dog


Evleaks knows something mind-blowing about Microsoft's Windows, but he won't tell


Did you know: average revenue per employee at Apple is nearly double that at Google

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Acer is the latest smartphone maker to bundle Microsoft’s Android apps

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Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade revisited: seven of your questions answered


Microsoft lays off more employees from its mobile division


Microsoft seals deal with Acer to pre-install apps on Android phones and tablets

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Microsoft's big plan to dominate Android and win mobile is coming together


Microsoft employees raised a record $125M for charity last year, up 7% from 2014

The Verge

Microsoft acquired another app with the same name as its Groove music service


​Xero partners with Microsoft to enable big data collection

The Verge

New Windows 10 update appears to fix Edge's private browsing problem

ZDNet , Techvibes , BetaKit , +2

Microsoft did buy Zikera, after all

ZDNet , Business Insider

As cloud computing spreads, survey shows IT managers getting more resourceful

The Verge , Ars Technica , The Next Web , +1

Microsoft will stop hiding what's inside Windows 10 updates


LA Times: Apple's problems with iOS mirror Microsoft's issues with Windows

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Cortana gets annoyed if you're rude, but that's a mistake on Microsoft's part