MX3D Bridge

MX3D Bridge

MX3D Bridge

MX3D developed a Robotic 3D printer. To what end? They are printing a steel pedestrian bridge for Amsterdam and bronze ship propellers.
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Venture capital - 2021
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Product overview

the problem

Other 3D metal printers build volumes are small, they print slow, the stock material is expensive and the technique has reached the limits of scalability

the solution

MX3D software combines standard heavy industry techniques (MIG welding) and machines (robots) to create a fast, inexpensive and scalable 3D printing technique. Reducing waste, saving on lead time and cutting design constraints.

target group

Maritime industry and Industrial parties. They have a market in unique parts, always looking for reduced lead time and manufacturing cost. Every ship requires a different propeller, we eliminate the need for a mold and cut lead time.

€2,250,000 Venture capital
3D Printing Industry

MX3D raises €2.25 million to launch robotic M1 Metal 3D printing system

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3D Printing Industry

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