NuLeaf Tech Inc

NuLeaf Tech Inc

NuLeaf Tech Inc

All-natural, decentralized water treatment made easy and beautiful for residential and industrial customers with specialized wastewater needs. Our bioenergy and vertical farming add-ons maximize resources and bridge green design and water treatment.
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Product overview

the problem

Effective water treatment is only available at scale with aging municipal treatment plants that struggle to expand capacity. Septic tanks don't treat the water. Failures in these systems make untreated water are a leading cause of disease and pollution.

the solution

NuLeaf makes all-natural water treatment easy and beautiful. Our systems have removed over 99% of contaminantsy yet it is compact and costs less than $10,000. The modular units can also provide versatile treatment with a low maintenance.

target group

From residents with hard-to-reach septic tanks or rapidly growing businesses hindered by wastewater, like breweries, our units are designed to reach cracks in current wastewater infrastructure for the specialized user.

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