Pebbls is the asset management arm of a unique global fintech ecosystem which is backed by leaders like SAP, WTW and NGA. Based on its disruptive cost structure (-70%) SAP expects 8mln+ clients in 2024 which correpsonds to 200%+IRR for Pebbls.
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Michel E. Klaster
Michel E. Klaster
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Product overview

the problem

The vast majority of countries have not saved enough for their pensions.Due to longevity (people live longer) and greying (less children), the problems are expected to surge to an estimated 400.000bln USD which is bigger than the climate problem.

the solution

Our pension solution is more cost effective (up to 70% cost savings thanks to automation), more flexible (multi currency multi language, multi tax) and with higher expected returns than any other pension product that is currently available on the market.

target group

(employers employing) employees with a pension gap across EU. We start in NL and then expand via GER to rest of the EU. Later also the rest of the World will follow thanks to our partnerships with SAP, WTW and NGA.

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