Precision Navigation Systems

Precision Navigation Systems

Precision Navigation Systems

We build Stargate RTK — smart GNSS correction service for autonomous applications.
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Grant - 2019
ESA BIC Estonia
Pre-Seed - 2018
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Product overview

the problem

To achieve cm-level positioning accuracy, the applications mentioned above rely on GNSS correction services. Many such services are available; however, they were not designed to serve mass applications and help them scale efficiently.

the solution

With Stargate RTK, we bring space down to earth in an all-in-one GNSS correction service and help accelerate the scale of your robotic fleets across the globe with cm-level precise positioning.

target group

Mass-market autonomous applications: outdoor robots, drones, autonomous vehicles and even IoT applications which integrate GNSS RTK modules and rely on correction services for cm-level positioning, tracking and navigation.

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Simon Litvinov and Dmitrii Kislenko, HIVE (Precision Navigation Systems OÜ)