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Twilio hackers exposed 1,900 Signal users in phishing attack

Tech Times , SiliconRepublic , Express Technology

Signal: Twilio Breach Exposes 1,900 Users' Phone Numbers via Phishing Attack

TechCrunch , Ars Technica , The Verge

Signal says 1,900 users’ phone numbers exposed by Twilio breach


Anuvu buys Signal Mountain Networks to expand government business


How to change your number in Signal without losing your chats


Signal denies claims it's been hacked

Express Technology

Ukraine-Russia conflict: Signal says rumours on hacking not true as it sees uptick in Eastern Europe


Ukrainians turned to encrypted messaging app Signal as Russians invaded

Fast Company

Signal’s founder warns Ukrainians about using Telegram. Heres why

The Verge , Tech Times , IndiaTodayTech

Signal now lets you change your number without wiping out your conversation threads

BBC News

Moxie Marlinspike leaves encrypted-messaging app Signal


Signal’s CEO steps down as questions about its privacy-first image loom large

Tech Times , SiliconRepublic

Signal CEO, Founder Leaves | WhatsApp Co-Founder Takes Over

CNET , TechCentral

Signal CEO steps down, company begins search for replacement

After Facebook fallout, WhatsApp co-founder now the CEO of Signal


Moxie Marlinspike is leaving Signal; here’s where we suspect he’s headed and why

The Verge

How Signal is playing with fire


Signal has let users send cryptocurrency around the world for months


Signal's Cryptocurrency Feature Has Gone Worldwide

Express Technology

Signal increases its video group call limit to 40 participants