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The Next Web

People are deliberately bricking their iPhones by going back in time

WhatsApp Web is now officially compatible with Microsoft Edge , PhoneArena

T-Mobile LG G4 seems to be receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow update


Screenshots appear of the Reddit app for Android beta

Observer Innovation

The History Teacher Who Co-Created ‘Oregon Trail’ Has an Idea for a Movie Version

Observer Innovation

These 9 Reddit Communities Will Help You Decipher and Discuss the Presidential Race

The Guardian , PhoneArena

Uninstalling Facebook app saves up to 20% of Android battery life


Astronaut Scott Kelly talks about acid pee, sleep and fears in space

PhoneArena , The Next Web

Reddit's official Android app begins closed beta test; iOS app to follow

The Verge

The internet bundle is already here

TechCrunch , The Verge

Reddit Android App Enters Beta, New iOS App Coming Soon

Observer Innovation

Redditors Hate the New Book of Reddit AMAs

The Next Web

Redditor leaks virtually unplayable - but still awesome - 'Star Wars Battlefront III' build

Business Insider

For whom the troll trolls: A day in the life of a Reddit moderator

Observer Innovation

New Book of Reddit AMAs Offers Unfiltered Look at A-Listers and Worker Bees

Ars Technica

Reddit publishes real-life dead-tree book of its “best” AMAs

The Verge

A new Radiohead album may be upon us

The Guardian , TechCrunch

Oculus founder apologises to VR fans over Rift price

The Next Web , The Verge

Reddit's compiled its best AMAs into a limited edition hardback book


Reddit publishes $35 hardcover book of its most popular AMAs