The Rinsten company produces innovative bicycle accessories, among them - Rinsten Spring, revolutionary bicycle shock absorber
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Product overview

the problem

Almost one hour of cycling the rider is exposed to vibration comparable to that of a tractor operator during half a day of field work. There are no universal shock absorbers at the market at the moment. No amortization for kids.

the solution

Rinsten Spring is a shock absorber which minimizes vibration and shocks that occur on any surface.Rinsten Spring can be install to any bicycle.Suitable for any weight and any age.Can be use for kids on their first bicycle.Working in 3 planes.

target group

Cyclists who using their bicycle as an everyday transport, people, who have needs in good amortization during their cycling (medical indicators, feeling discomfort, long trip), amateur athletes, people who working at bicycles, kids, old people.

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