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Shazam now allows users to see what their favourite artists are listening to

Business Insider

Shazam just signed a big deal with musicians like Pitbull and Calvin Harris to sell more ads

The Next Web

Shazam will let you see all the embarrassing songs your favorite musicians are Shazaming

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Apple Can Skate by Taylor Swift, but Not Product Missteps

13 European tech companies became 'unicorns' in the last year

The Next Web

Shazam Can Now Scan Objects for Augmented Reality Experiences

The Next Web

Shazam now works on your Android watch

Business Insider

MovieQu, the Shazam for movie trailers, makes sure you never forget when your favorite film is coming out


You Can Now Use Shazam, Instacart, And Other Android Apps With “Okay Google” Commands

Rude Baguette

"Shazam for Magazines", Selectionnist raises €2 Million from Elaia Partners to go international

The Verge

Music recognition app Shazam wants to help you identify more than music