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Find out how good you look, rate images of others and communicate with people you like


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the problem

Get an independent feedback of our image and get the best and fastest way to interact with others using in-app chat without having a negative perception of a dating app

the solution

Spontana is based on the audience engagement in the dating process or searches for new contacts through the use of image rating without having a negative perception of a dating app

target group

Any gender beetween 18 and 39, that love selfies, new fashion trends, pop culture and communicate with new people

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Makin’ Spontana great again:) – Spontana

$130,000 Venture capital
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The new app Spontana will recruit random people to 'objectively' rate your selfies

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Spontana, la app que dice qué tan atractivo estás en cualquier momento

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Spontana, un mix tra Tinder e Instagram

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¿Te crees guapo o feo? Con esta app sabrás tu nivel de sexapil

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Spontana: vleeskeuringsapp vertelt hoe lelijk je bent

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App lets people rate your selfies and helps you find a date

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This App That Lets Strangers Rate My Appearance Is What Was Missing From My Life

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Spontana узнает у независимого жюри, насколько вы привлекательны

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The internet knows how unattractive I am

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Spontana | tag

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Spontana, una app para medir tu estilo vistiendo

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Spontana, una aplicación para que gente aleatoria nos diga si estamos guapos