Taraba Virtuală

Taraba Virtuală

Taraba Virtuală

Taraba Virtuala is a mobile application that connects small farmers around the cities with customers that want to enjoy local tasty food.
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Product overview

the problem

Every hour, we lose 3 family farms and they have to support their business with less than 10 euros per day. Selling to middlemen or retailers is not an option due to low prices and high shelf taxes

the solution

We made two mobile apps where farmers can offer for sale their products. They select their region of interest, and we will show them only for the clients that can order from them. On the delivery date we will make the optimal route for the producer.

target group

The app is a marketplace and on one hand it's designated for small local farmers who want to sell their products directly to customers and on the other hand for clients who want to eat local fresh products

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Aplicația mobilă Taraba Virtuală merge în competiția internațională Chivas Venture

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Cum au ajuns legumele romanesti pe Taraba Virtuala? Roxana Bitoleanu, antreprenor: Traiul la oras m-a indepartat de acel...

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VIDEO ZF Live. Dezvoltatorii aplicaţiei Taraba Virtuală: Aducem împreună producătorii locali şi clienţii. Poţi mânca cu...

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Taraba Virtuala unde gasesti doar fructe si legume romanesti

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iLikeIT. Aplicația Taraba Virtuală ajută fermierii să livreze produse naturale clienților

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Taraba Virtuală - locul unde cumperi produse "Made in Romania"

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Taraba Virtuală - castigatorul Chivas TheVenture

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Taraba virtuală, aplicația pentru comandat acasă sau la birou de la producători locali