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The Verge

Uber limits drivers in NYC to 12 hour shifts

The Guardian

War on wheels: an Uber driver and a black-cab driver debate London’s taxi trade

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Uber owes 25 million passengers a payout, but it's virtually pointless

$200,000,000 Private equity
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Uber Picks Up Another $200M From LetterOne To Push Into Emerging Markets

The Guardian

Top Uber executives on trial in France over 'illegal taxi' charges

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Uber agrees to largest settlement ever, but your cut will be pitifully small

The Guardian

Uber and AirBnB call on EU to support 'collaborative economy'

Ars Technica

More Uber drivers file labor lawsuits: One claims he only makes $80 per week

The Guardian

Black-cab drivers' Uber protest brings London traffic to a standstill

The Guardian

Black cabs bring London to a halt in Uber protest – video

Business Insider

This is how Uber used to look when it first started out — and how it's changed over time

The Next Web

Uber extends weird offer of friendship to end feud with London's black cab drivers

The Verge , Business Insider

Uber shuts down Paris service to protest new regulations


Uber Begins To See The Payout From Accepting Cash Payments

Both Sides of the Table

Why Uber Should Go Public | Bothsides of the Table


Angry Uber Drivers Threaten to Make a Mess of the Super Bowl

The Verge , TechCrunch

Uber CEO appears to be respond to outraged drivers on Facebook

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Amazon's Echo speaker can finally order you an Uber

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The uber-loneliness of the sharing economy driver

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Here's how you can unlock Uber's secret VIP program