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Uber Offers get merchants to pay for your ride


Uber delivers 15,000 emails with horse and cart in Australian protest

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Uber made a move for Chinese users that could finally blow its competition out of the water

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Uber drivers in New York can't unionize, but some are forming a labor group

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Google, Facebook, Uber, and others join new NYC tech industry lobbying group


Uber is facing a nationwide class-action lawsuit

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Uber bribes New Yorkers with free pizza to celebrate fifth birthday

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Uber threw a yacht party in Dubai over the weekend — here's what happened

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Uber ditched Slack for its employees and went to its chief rival instead

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This is Uber's secret weapon in its quest for world domination

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Uber agrees to $225,000 settlement in lawsuit alleging discrimination against the blind


Why the Uber drivers’ lawyer gave up their fight to become employees

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Uber is offering yacht rentals in Dubai because it's still a luxury product

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Uber trials penalty fees for late passengers


Handcuffed to Uber

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Uber Rebukes Drivers' Push For Tipping Option Because Of Racism


Uber May Have to Reveal Financial Secrets in Driver Settlement

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Uber's new policy fines riders who are two minutes late

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Arianna Huffington joins Uber's board of directors

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How Uber conquered London | Sam Knight