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Find out why this innovative lighter raised over $300k on Kickstarter

3D Printing Industry

iFactory3D debuts the iFactory One on Kickstarter - technical specifications and pricing


Zappar announces Kickstarter for an affordable $40 ZapBox mixed-reality headset

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Kickstarter expands to creators in Poland, Greece, and Slovenia

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Kickstarter will let creators include bonus "add-on" rewards for their campaigns

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Vue finally ships its Kickstarter smart glasses and debuts the new $179 Vue Lite

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ZX Spectrum remake blasts through Kickstarter goal

$1,660,000 Undisclosed
Road to VR

Kat VR Secures $1.6M in Kickstarter Funding for Its Consumer-grade VR Treadmill

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Suikoden follow-up Eiyuden Chronicle successfully funded on Kickstarter


Suikoden successor Eiyuden Chronicle hits Kickstarter goal in first day


Kickstarter hands-on: A mouse with a fan for sweaty palms

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KAT Walk C VR treadmill fully funded after only three minutes on Kickstarter

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This New Controller Designed For Smash Bros. Ultimate Is A Hit On Kickstarter

Road to VR

Kat VR Announces Kickstarter for At-home VR Treadmill 'KAT WALK C'

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Kickstarter’s CEO on why he doesn’t think the company will only do crowdfunding forever


Kickstarter Lights On

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Kickstarter loses nearly 40 percent of its workforce after layoffs and buyouts

Silicon Luxembourg

Lessons Learned From The Co-Founder Of Kickstarter

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Kickstarter union reaches agreement with management for laid-off workers

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Kickstarter plans layoffs after new projects on the site drop off by 35 percent