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Apple bans Epic Games from App Store until all litigation is finalised

TechXplore , Ars Technica

Fortnite to be 'blacklisted' from App Store until legal battle with Apple subsides, Epic Games CEO says

The Verge , CNET , TechCentral , +2

Apple won’t let Fortnite back on iOS until the Epic v. Apple verdict is final

Tech Times

Epic Games Store September Free Games: ‘Tharsis,’ and ‘Speed Brawl’ Up for Grabs—How to Download


Apple loses nearly $85 billion after the Epic Games Lawsuit

Express Technology , TechCrunch

A nick to Apple’s profits could be a windfall for app developers

The Verge , CNET , TechCentral

Epic has appealed Friday’s ruling in the Epic v. Apple case

USA TODAY Tech , The Verge , SiliconANGLE

Apple must allow for app payments outside its App Store, judge rules in Epic Games verdict

TechXplore , RT

Epic Games to appeal US ruling in Apple app store fight


Both sides win and lose in judge’s Epic Games vs. Apple ruling around App Store payments

CNBC Tech ,

Epic Games court ruling unlikely to seriously damage Apple's services business

CNET , SiliconBeat , Recode , +4

Apple mostly wins in Epic Games Fortnite trial, but must ease payment rules

TechXplore , Fast Company , Guardian Tech

Apple must allow in-app purchasing outside App Store, judge says in Epic Games vs. Apple verdict


Epic Games failed to prove Apple is a monopolist, rules judge

Ars Technica , BBC News

Major win for Epic Games: Apple has 90 days to open up app store payments

The Verge , CNBC Tech , VentureBeat

Court issues permanent injunction in Epic v. Apple case


Epic Games seeks to restore Fortnite on iOS in South Korea

The Verge , CNET , TechCrunch , +2

Epic tests Apple with new request: let us relaunch Fortnite in Korea

The Verge

Radiohead teams up with Epic Games for Kid A Mnesia: Exhibition

Tech Times

How To Get 'Nioh: The Complete Edition' for Free on Epic Games